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Shes colorful,

like a rainbow explosion landing on the shoulders of a young girl

dressed in joy.

When I saw her for the very first time

she was dancing backward down the street to the tune of September;

her sunrise eyes glimmered,

her hips bopped back and forth like bubbles bouncing off the sink;

she had orange toenails, red lipstick,

and bright purple boots that looked as if she had splashed through a bucket of paint.

She moved like music notes, I can’t explain it;

the edges of her lips flirting with a smile,

the pens in her hand drawing color explosions in the air around her, her voice

belting out lyrics like poetry to an audience who’d never rejected her;

she looked like silly-string fresh from the can.

I’m sure I stood with a gaping mouth, ingesting the vibrance she eclipsed against the wet spring backdrop,

I don’t think she noticed;

a butterfly in flight caught her attention,its wings glimpsing opal and blue, as it danced over air pockets.

Erupting in a twirling skip she bounded down the street,

a fist full of wildflowers and a sunflower hat.

I don’t think she saw me, standing there wide-eye and bewildered;

Joy is blind like that,

she only sees beauty in everything.


By Riah Raine

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