· poetry

Red balloons,

bright white clouds turning shapes across a dazzling blue sky,

yellow banana peel, orange peeled

juice dripping sticky from fleshy fingers;

golden sunset to pink sunrise.

Tall orchard grass,

pear blossoms brushing petals in the breeze

sun-burnt lips, road trip west through red clay

red dirt; foaming beer

climbing shoes and chalked hands gripping the sharp undulating cascading cliff face.

Huckleberry ice cream sweet and cold and purple

burning sun overhead, luscious scent of shade at the waters edge;

rushing rivers, swim suit ties untied

bare feet pounding the sandy ground.

Island music,

Spanish guitar picking 12 strings

paper plane, gliding through the air lands, in the hands

of a pretty girl with a freckled face.

Aqua ocean tide ripping,

strawberry pineapple smoothie on tye-dye towels sipping;

the sun sets, bonfires emerging like stars popping into view

the music drifts, loud and bold and jubilant,

a summer hue.

Tan lines and sand-dusted skin, late night jazz

dancing down the street in Brooklyn;

star-dappled skies cover the evening in a blanket of holes, fires ignite

roof top, cloths slip off, bottles buzz our skin

first kiss.

Midnight showing of Driving Miss Daisy,

lightning bugs bouncing off air waves and southern sweet grass, clay jars

bursting with color-dyed water



aqua marine.

Twinkle lights and early morning hikes to see the sunrise

laughter and fresh tattoos, ink like honeysuckle

bees sip on the nectar of daisies, of roses, of apple blossoms.

Like a movie flickering through my mind, a rapid slideshow in an old theater

my carefree thoughts of summer.

Vibrant red

mellow yellow

screaming green

princess purple;

throbbing sun-drunk skin sprawled beside ocean waves, red desert rock hot, lazy lakes of lazy days

burst through my mind

these flickers of summertime.

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