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All the words are yours, my love,

they will cut their way out of me

igniting themselves on paper, searing through canvas

splintering their voices through anthem.

The passion

was born long ago, and I, I am a vessel to give vigor,

to breathe essence.

Forever, is not nearly enough with you.

Anchor me, gather me, unravel me at my seams;

split me open and behold

your name poured out, cast upon every cell.

I break in ardor and wreck in honesty,

you my love are truth in my veins.

Days flooded between the boundary of fabric

pages, enumerated in a sonnet, and I witnessed

how fleeting the time truly was;

hold me tenderly in your arms

and I promise our love will endure.

Heart ablaze in the palm of my hand

I relinquish it to you

and the seas churn.

By Riah Raine

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