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My tongue curls over the bittersweet edges;

the deep rich sweetness saturates my taste-buds, bathing my mouth

in a kind



The best way to eat chocolate is


like contemplating the pages of a good book,

letting its flavor

roll around

in your mind before turning the page to the next bite.

If you tasted my lips right now, you would see the Peruvian jungle where cacao is harvested,

you would see acres

of cacao trees surrounded by vibrant local villages and native languages.

If you tasted

these lips

you would hear

the red riverbanks sloshing atop mud and soil, you would feel

rough hands — cracked from the sun — brushing back beads

of humidity gathered on my forehead; you would hear

the laughter

of the people, you would feel

the cool earthen shade resting over clay-covered ankles

and toes,

you would taste





Peruvian cacao.

By Riah Raine

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