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My new studio renovation

process thus far

· art in process

Here are the process pictures from my new studio renovation, beginning with what it looks like currently and going back to what it looked like when I first got the space a few months ago. My new space is in the 3rd story bell tower of our new (to us) church building which is nearly one hundred years old; when I first got it, it was pitch dark with one wall half built and exposed to the attic, and about eighty years of dust covering everything (not an exaggeration).

My husband standing in front of my soon-to-be window (currently its just a hole in the building)

Before I painted the ceiling; just the four walls made white

The frame my husband made to secure the ceiling before cutting the hole for my window

The first coat of paint, looked more yellow than white.

Before painting and after cleaning the walls and every corner nook and cranny, as well as sanding the floors (I would be caked in dust head to toe at the end of each cleaning session).

What it looked like when I first got the space; floors covered in eighty year old dust.

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