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My Art In 2020

A collection of pieces i've made so far in 2020

Well, 2020 has been an odd year to say the least, but the sunny side is that i've had a lot of time to make new art and experiment with my style; here is a collection of some of the pieces I have created so far this year.

The Phoenix painting, created during a 24 hour worship session that we had in the park during the outbreak of racial tension in Portland earlier this year.

Female, a painting done on canvas (gifted by a friend), exploring the nuances of the feminine heart and body.

Mother Me, a painting done on wood, exploring the part of our hearts that was created to experience comfort, beauty, abundnace, and holistic welbeing.

Dove On Fire, a painting done on wood, created as a piece for a worship service at my church; it depicts (unintentionally) the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, resting on an olive branch.

Son of God, The Infinite in Me, I tried to Explain It; a piece done on reclaimed wood which explores a vision that God gave me.

A Resurrection Story, done on wood, this piece was originally a different painting that I did while thinking about first heartbreak, and then covered up with this painting that explores boundaries and internal healing.

Breath of Life (aka The Trinity), done on wood, depicts the trinity in unity eternally and then the Holy Spirit flying forward with all of creation being birthed inside him. I created this piece as another worship painting for our church service and was suprised by the outcome as I had not planed what I would paint.

I Am the Art, was an art film I created where I turned myself into an art piece covered in paint and colorful ribbons to express the creativity of the human form.

This piece has no name, I created it during a live drawing session in Portland.

These pieces are done with watercolor, I created them last week while we were locked inside due to the fires burning all over oregon. These pieces express my feelings during this difficult time of being stuck inside.

Transformation, an acrylic painting on wood, with mixed media and pages of poetry.

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