I heard a voice in my sleep, "happiness, not in another place but this place... not for an hour, but this hour."

And then I woke, enveloped in billowing lavender sheets and beach-wood stained in sunlight; dust particles floated over my head like someone threw glitter in our air ducts.

I stepped my slow sleepy feet to the floor, rubbing my toes over the smooth pebble ground and lifting the curtain; the sun streamed in, rays of light turning my fingers gold, warming my face, my neck, my shoulders. There you sat with your heels pressed into the sand as the early morning color turned your frame into a rainbow before me.

Aqua ocean, aqua eyes

white sand, dark skin

red sunrise, ruby lips

golden sun, golden waves of hair, like a fiery halo in the light of the dawn.

I looked down at my arm, a tickle, a skin ripple, a small lady bug crawling across my fleshy garden of hair. I picked it up between my fingers for further inspection and it lifted off in flight. Lady bugs are good luck.

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