When you're used to being someones idol

you begin to take on burdens that belong to God.

Men told me I was the answer, led me to believe I was their solution

the cure and the disease;

men looked to me, their salvation, their hope, their prized beauty

to satisfy their starving hearts.

I am not a well he gets to run dry, I am not the water

to quench his thirst;

I will not answer your question, Do you have what it takes? I don't know,

show me.

He is meant to offer his strength, not look to me to give it to him.

I am not the answer

I am not the question

I am not the cure nor the disease, I am far more than any of these

I am a woman.

Flesh and blood and bone, a beating heart all my own,

open eyes full of dreams, interests to pursue and mountains

to ascend.

I am not your adventure,

I am not your mountain to climb or your puzzle to piece together,

I am not yours.

I am free.

And of my free will I can leave, and of my free will I can stay

either way the choice remains


You can make an idol of me but I will fail you

make me your God but you will fall

no longer will I try to be one for you

I am not the solution you seek, never was I meant to be.


You are strong and courageous and wild and mighty

but you are not my safety

you are not my fortress, not my peace nor my place of rest,

you were never meant to be.

You are not my answer, you are not my question,

you are beautifully human.

Take me down as the idol of your heart

and I shall take you down as mine, history

has not been on our side, unity

has been broken, love

has been tainted;

forgiveness is ours to taste,

let us rise from the ashes, born to peace again.

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