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    "I want to explore the the vast beauty of all of God's incredible creation, from the complexity of people to the brilliance of light, to the influence of movement and the connection between beauty and hope. All I can imagine doing is to continue learning how to discover the treasures beneath the surface and revealing them to the world in the only way I know how, through art."


    - Riah Raine


    Art with purpose

    Paintings are on done on re-claimed wood instead of canvas, and furniture pieces are salvaged locally, repaired, and hand-painted; most other materials used are salvaged, recycled, or found in nature.


    Ideas Beneath

    The concepts behind pieces explore a myriad of ideas from the connection between emotion and color, to the feminine and masculine qualities of shapes and lines, to the cultural impact on beauty

    Mixed Media

    Meshing together

    From acrylic paint to watercolor, pencil, furniture, and clay; from painting to poetry, hoop dance, videography, aerial dance and music; all of these mediums weave together into a canvas of opportunity to answer the question "how do I want to say this?"

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    Riah Raine

    About Me


    Hey friends, I'm Riah; I love hot coffee, good music, and bright colors. I'm a local Oregonian, and currently dwell with my incredible husband in the city of Portland. I love to paint, explore new creative outlets, adventure in the outdoors, have some circus fun on the aerial silks, play guitar and sing, make good food, and enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer.

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    The Vision

     My vision is to spread joy and hope through beauty; to create beauty and unleash it in the world.

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